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 La Llorona is a musical project that utilizes a looper to create a spellbinding experience. It is violin and voice crying out together. It is Ithaca forests meeting Mexican folklore. It is the place where genres and cultures collide.


Alejandra Diemecke of La Llorona is a singer and instrumentalist from Ithaca NY who uses violin and voice to weave together multi genre music. A classically trained musician, Alejandra has been exploring different types of music her whole life. When not performing as La Llorona, Alejandra can be found playing in local rock band The Ilium Works or collaborating with other local artists.  

Over the last few years La Llorona has performed at Grassroots as part of the Ithaca Underground Showcase as well as on the Leslie Puryear Community Stage, Bernie Milton Pavilion for Apple Harvest Festival, and many other local venues including The Haunt and The Cherry.

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